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South Carolina Restricting Entrances at Retail Establishments in Response to COVID-19

April 4, 2020

In an effort to remain open to the public and promote social distancing, businesses are creating non-traditional paths of travel for entering and exiting their stores. State Fire provides the following guidance to building and fire code officials to assist in evaluating these new entrance and exit paths to ensure that proper emergency egress is maintained in accordance with the 2018 South Carolina Fire Code (SCFC). Read More


President J. Scott McClain

It is with mixed emotions that we as your Board must make decisions that ultimately affect our everyday life.  We are all used to working and conducting our business as usual and not worrying about a pandemic such as COVID-19.

But due to this pandemic, we have decided to CANCEL OUR SPRING CONFERENCE IN MYRTLE BEACH.  We have been closely monitoring our President, our Governor and local leaders to try and make the best decision as possible. 

After our teleconference this morning, we have concluded that you, OUR MEMBERSHIP and your FAMILIES are the most important and a conference can be overlooked in these times that we are ALL going through.

Please pray for our nation and all Federal, State and Local leaders as they make decisions that affect us all.  Please look on our website for updates and please sign up for our Fall Conference in Greenville this November.

SCFMA Proclaims May Building Safety Month

The South Carolina Fire Marshal Association is encouraging the citizens to join with their communities in participation in Building Safety Month activities. Read More

Fire Marshal Interchange

What is the Fire Marshal Interchange (FMI)?

The Fire Marshal Interchange (FMI) is a secure information platform that allows fire marshals from across the United States to share knowledge and information outside jurisdictions.

How do I Join the Fire Marshal Interchange?

The FMI website resides on the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN).

Registered (active) HSIN users, send your request to join the FMI to

New HSIN users:
1. Send a request to join the FMI from your assigned work-related government email account to
2. We will email you an invitation. Follow the instructions in the invitation.
3. After we vet you into the HSIN, we will notify you of your access to the FMI.

For More Information…

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Join your fire marshal colleagues on the FMI today!

New Web Page Added

You may notice a new link in the menu bar in the header. A new web page has been added. Every couple weeks, we will be adding to the page a new code modification or addition to the 2018 International Codes. South Carolina will switch to the 2018 codes series beginning January 1, 2019. Hopefully, this new section will help you with the transition to the new codes. Each code modification or addition will have a section at the end for comments. Post your comments so others can see and reply. Due to bots, comments will be reviewed and approved before they are made public.

Firefighter Fatalities

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