A Message from Your President

To the Dedicated Membership of our Association:

Your SCFMA Executive Board has worked for the past few months on an anticipated Spring Conference. Sadly, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, we will not be able to meet again this spring. The Board and especially 1st VP Robby Stevenson have been in contact with Double Tree Resort and we have concluded that given our numbers in the past and the type of classroom delivery we provide that it would not be safe for all of us to meet. A survey was sent out to all members from Executive Administrator Scott Keeley, and the results gave us peace about our decision.

Results from the survey are as follows-

• Survey sent out to 260 members and 84 members responded
26 of the 84 responded they would not attend leaving 58 that would

Given the results of the survey, Zoom meetings with the Executive Board, and conversation with Double Tree, we have no choice but to cancel again. Please stay in contact via our website for information and updates as we meet. The tab named Executive Board Quarterly and A Message From Your President will be updated quarterly or as pertinent information comes in.

As a consensus, we all like the atmosphere at Double Tree, and due to us cancelling again this year we are extending our contract with them through 2024. Their rates are increasing annually and we need to consider raising our membership fees to keep up with the increases. More to come on that.

**Training Director Ben Bunting has secured Instructor Terrell Stripling for our next conference. Whenever that may be…

Stay safe, take care of one another, and please contact us if you need anything.

J. Scott McClain-President

Scott McClain, President