To encourage high professional standards of conduct among fire inspectors



The Executive Board for the South Carolina Fire Marshal's Association wishes to remind everyone that this is an election year.  Anyone with intentions of running for any office, please submit those intentions, in writing, to any one of the Executive Board members.

The following are making their intentions of running for office:


Tim Dickson


1st Vice President

J. Scott McClain


2nd Vice President

Scott Bycroft

Patrick Bradshaw


Director of Training

Ben Bunting


Director of Member Benefits

Danny McKinney

Food Truck Cylinder Safety

In August 2014 the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) was taking actions to raise awareness of the hazards associated with compressed gas cylinders following a large propane cylinder rupture on a food truck in Philadelphia, PA, that resulted in deaths and injuries. Their campaign focused, in part, on the basics of how to inspect a cylinder for serviceability, and how to identify an out-of-test cylinder.

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SC Code Book Availability

ICC will be publishing a SC version of the 2015 codes as adopted by the Building Council. The books will have the SC amendments integrated into the codes and users will not need to have separate documents as in the past.


The IRC, IFC, IPC, IMC, IFGC and IEBC should be available by mid-August. The IBC should be available in mid-September.