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To encourage high professional standards of conduct among fire inspectors




The South Carolina Fire Marshals Association asks to keep the family of Todd Griffin in your prayers.  We are saddened to announce the passing of Beth S Powers, mother of Todd Griffin.  Todd served as president of this association from 2013 - 2015.

Funeral service will be held at 11:00 am Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at Trinity Baptist Church Cayce, with interment in Southland Memorial Gardens. The family will receive friends on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 from 6:00 p.m.until 8:00 p.m. at Caughman-Harman Funeral Home, West Columbia Chapel.

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Barry Davis

A reflection of the past from Barry Davis...

I'm sitting on my balcony with my coffee, and can't help but to think back over the years of me coming to the SC Fire Marshals Conf. I have been attending since 96-97 ish, so that's a while. I just watched one of the new, young guys and his family pass by over the walkways of the courtyards, and think back to when all our kids used to come and play, romp, and throw ball in these same yards. Lots of great times!
I end my tenure as this associations President tomorrow night, and I am so proud to have had a small part in the history of the SCFMA.
We have always tried to be family orientated, and that shows when we have a family outing with 130 attendees.
As I pass the gavel to Tim Dickson and Scott McClain moves to 1st vice, Ben Bunting and Danny McKinny stay on board as directors and we elect a new 2nd vice today, I challenge you all to carry the torch high, stay the course, and always keep it family oriented.
Thanks for all the support that I have received over the years, and I'm always a phone call away. If I have service on the lake lol.

A message from our State Fire Marshal, Jonathan C. Jones...

Fire Service Friends,

With great excitement and anticipation of a bright future for the South Carolina Fire Service, I write to let you know about an opportunity to join our South Carolina State Fire team. The position of Superintendent with the South Carolina Fire Academy is a central position to our success at the Division of Fire and Life Safety. The Superintendent will lead a dedicated and talented team committed to our mission, “to be the State’s focal point for service and support, to save lives and property.” We are looking for the right addition to our team to help lead us into the future.

We seek a visionary leader, one who is innovative, enthusiastic, caring, open-minded and forward-thinking. This type of dedicated and self-motivated person will also have a strong work ethic and desire to help shape the future of the South Carolina Fire Service. The Superintendent of the Academy will lead and support the development and delivery of the State’s fire and rescue training and education.

Thanks to the foundation established by many great fire service leaders, we have the opportunity to build upon their legacies and take the Academy to new heights. We are uniquely positioned to design, develop, and deliver the future of fire, rescue, and emergency medical training and education. The Superintendent will provide vision and leadership to set the direction and guide our team as we strive to provide quality programs to meet the needs of our fire service and industrial customers.

With service and support from our team at the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, we are in the initial phases of a multi-year Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Plan. This plan encompasses site and building renovations of our Fire Station and Dormitory building, as well as renovations, replacements and additions to our Training Props. The Superintendent will have the opportunity to see their vision for the future of the Academy come to life, through innovation and diligent work.

The Superintendent will serve as the Assistant State Fire Marshal of Training for State Fire. This is a critical leadership position, as we work to improve the quality of life for South Carolina citizens, businesses, and the visitors to our great State. I look forward to growing our team and improving our service. If this sounds like an opportunity and challenge you would like to undertake and believe this overview describes you and your passion to serve, I hope to meet you soon!

If you are interested, please click here for more information about the Superintendent’s position. The application period is open, and will remain so until Thursday, July 6, 2017. I look forward to serving with you!

Yours to count on,

Jonathan C. Jones

State Fire Marshal


Lubrizol's BlazeMaster® CPVC Pipes and Fittings

August 6, 2013 Update
Lubrizol's  position regarding the chemical compatibility of antimicrobial coated steel pipe when used with BlazeMaster® CPVC pipes and fittings has been that before using any coated steel pipes with an antimicrobial coating, installers should check with the manufacturers of the steel pipe and/or the manufacturers of the antimicrobial coating for compatibility with CPVC..  In response to numerous industry inquiries, Factory Mutual (FM) modified their nonmetallic (FM 1635) and steel pipe (FM 1630) standards to include testing that demonstrates the chemical compatibility of nonmetallic fire sprinkler pipe with coated steel sprinkler pipe.  This evaluation is a requirement for both types of pipe that are FM approved.  Installers should look for results of testing in accordance with the FM protocols to ensure the compatibility of any coated steel pipes they might use with BlazeMaster® CPVC pipes and fittings.  Additionally, Lubrizol recommends that Allied Steel pipe coated with ABF II not be used in BlazeMaster CPVC systems.
This has been Lubrizol's position for years.   Beginning in 2008, Lubrizol noted that industry concerns were being expressed about antimicrobial coatings, and at that time Lubrizol stated that the Allied ABF II antimicrobial coating ""would not be classified as compatible with CPVC if it were applied directly to the CPVC.""   But Lubrizol began at that time to conduct testing that tried to duplicate a real world level of migration of the ABF II coating to CPVC.  The testing did not show a consistent pattern which would indicate a pervasive problem.  Nevertheless, in January 2009, Lubrizol said:  ""Lubrizol recommends that only non-coated steel piping be used with BlazeMaster® fire sprinkler systems and that aftermarket coating not be used, unless the coating being used, whether applied by the manufacturer or otherwise, has been added to the FGG/BM/CZ™ System Compatible Program.""  Lubrizol's recommendation has continued from that time to the present.  Lubrizol has never recommended the use of ABF II coated pipe with BlazeMaster® CPVC pipe and fittings.

Food Truck Cylinder Safety

In August 2014 the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) was taking actions to raise awareness of the hazards associated with compressed gas cylinders following a large propane cylinder rupture on a food truck in Philadelphia, PA, that resulted in deaths and injuries. Their campaign focused, in part, on the basics of how to inspect a cylinder for serviceability, and how to identify an out-of-test cylinder.

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SC Code Book Availability

ICC will be publishing a SC version of the 2015 codes as adopted by the Building Council. The books will have the SC amendments integrated into the codes and users will not need to have separate documents as in the past.


The IRC, IFC, IPC, IMC, IFGC and IEBC should be available by mid-August. The IBC should be available in mid-September.